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Plaquenil generic reviews and testimonials

  • ZD
    Zach Dowey
    Verified review

    I'm not sure if it was Plaquenil that helped me beat Covid-19, but after using it, I felt much better. Maybe it's a placebo effect, but I think it helped me.

  • C
    Verified review

    My wife had a hard time with Covid and was bedridden. Her whole body ached and there was a strong weakness. Neither antibiotics nor other drugs helped her much. Plaquenil worked well. There were no particular side effects. Just a little thing that I won't even talk about. But after Plaquenil she got much better.

  • CM
    Charlotte MacGeraghty
    Verified review

    I took Plaquenil for Covid. It was scary, but I was ready for anything not to get in the hospital. I think that it worked well and helped me easily endure the disease.

  • O
    Verified review

    Plaquenil combined with antibiotics is good for Covid. It helped me very much. Consult your doctor if you don't trust the opinions of those who already have had experience of covid treatment.

  • JD
    Jackson Dorgan
    Verified review

    Some people say that Plaquenil doesn't work with Covid. But I think that it works. The drug helped me a lot. I took it when I was sick and felt better than the rest.

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