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Sex and sexuality after 60

It is generally accepted that sexual life is for young men and women. In an effort to satisfy their physiological needs, young people actively have sex and, upon reaching old age, completely stop intimate contacts.
However, experts from the developed countries of the world believe that you shouldn't put an end to having sex in old age. And, as a rule, at least 40 % of elder people want to have regular sexual life.

According to a joint study conducted by a number of German research institutions, including the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Charité Clinical Center, almost a third of people aged 60 to 80 have an active sexual life and get no less pleasure than young people in the age from 20 to 30. But for many, this is a taboo and people refuse intimacy when they reach old age.

What is the problem of decreased sexual activity after 60?

The natural aging of the body of both men and women is related with a number of physiological changes.

Women go through the periods of menopause and postmenopause. During postmenopause, sex acts can cause burning and pain because the glands responsible for lubrication no longer work as well. Dryness of the genitals causes discomfort, because of which women are afraid to have intimacy. But taking additional drugs, such as hormones, Viagra for women helps to cope with these symptoms. Regarding this problem, you can consult a gynecologist who can solve your problem.

Men also go through a natural aging phase, which may be accompanied by the so-called "male menopause". Against the background of a decrease in testosterone and diseases of the cardiovascular system, erectile function worsens. Many men are embarrassed by this problem and refrain from intimacy, although they want to have sex. But this is not a problem too. There are more than 30 different drugs on the market (absolutely harmless to the body), with which you can overcome this problem.

In opinion of medical experts, the need for intimacy and enjoyment does not decrease over the years. Even after 65, sexual health remains an important aspect of psychological and physical well- being.

But continuing a quality sexual life in the middle age is the result of a trusting relationship with a partner and a good health.

Psychological problems, which are often the reason of sexual dysfunction, need to be given as much time as physiological ones. So, visiting a psychologist and/or a sexologist in case of problems in the sexual sphere are a must, and not alone, but together with a sexual partner.

Today, there is practically no sexual pathology that medicine could not deal with. That's why, do not be ashamed of your sexuality and your natural desire. Sex is not only part of the reproductive function for the continuation of life. This is a physiological need that prolongs life and makes it better and especially after 60.

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